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Description: You will be the doctor Nicole the nurse Jamie and Xandra are the school girls These two students will come to your clinic for the new vaccine of COVID-19, but this vaccine is not an injection it’s a suppository. The nurse will explain this to the girls but first will measure their temperature rectally because it’s more accurate. then you are the doctor will ask for rectal swap instead of the nose or mouth. The nurse will help you with taking care of the girls and after the swap will give the suppository which is the vaccine. Xandra will receive first but Jamie will refuse telling you that she’s having abdominal pain and feel sick she’s not ready for the vaccine. So, you will decide to examine her abdomen and giving her rectal exam by your finger. She’s little constipated so you will give her enema. At the end she’s ready for the vaccine and you insert the suppository in her ass. Xandra at the end will be laughing at Jamie so you will decide to punish her by letting your nurse Nicole to do rectal exam for her. + ASS LICKING PREPARATION FOR A VACCINE REVIEW IF YOU LIKE AND APPRECIATE MY WORK, AND PLS BE GENEROUS ENOUGH TO NOT SHARE MY CONTENT FOR FREE WITH ANYONE ELSE AS WE WORK HARD FOR YOUR JOY AND PLEASURE
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